Decellularized, freeze-dried and sterile allogeneic artery and vein from umbilical cord for nerve regeneration

- Living donor origin: artery and vein from umbilical cord exclusively removed during childbirth following strict safety rules

- Safety process: mechanical and chemical treatments to guarantee decellularization, inactivation of potential viruses, bacteria and fungi. Deep cleaning, freeze-drying and gamma sterilization

- Easy to use and convenient: freeze-drying for room temperature storage. Easy cutting. Ready to use. 2 main indications: gap conduit & wrapping. 1 unique range

- For nerve regeneration: peripheral nerve repair with vessel conduit for hand and foot surgery. Ingrowth of regenerating axons into newly formed bands of proliferating Schwann cells in the conduit with orientation of axonal cells





Safety process: NerVFIX® conduit is decellularized, viro-inactivated, freeze-dried and gamma sterilized.

Efficiency: NerVFIX® is biocompatible and resorbable within 8 to 12 weeks. Its tubular structure made of physiologic collagen, elastin, laminin and hyaluronic acid gives total nerve reconstruction as Schwann cells multiplication, axons regrowth and myelinization 

Using conditions 

NerVFIX® conduit has a human origin, therefore:

- The surgeon must inform the patient before surgery   

- The graft implant form must be duly completed with the surgeon’s and the grafted patient’s names and returned to your distributor after implantation