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UVD Robot

World’s first fully autonomous UV-C robotic system approved (Curmed est distributeur exclusif pour la Suisse)


The UVD Robot is an autonomous mobile robot integrated with a UVC-Light system. It was a co-development project with Odense University Hospital and Danish Healthcare sector.

Advantages of the UVD Robot

  • Because it is fully autonomous, it allows the robot to move position without human interaction drastically reducing shadow areas.
  • The whole system is a fast and efficient disinfection process
  • The Increased mobility ensuring closer proximity to all high touch surfaces increasing the intensity of the UV-C light.
  • The robot is a safe, reliable and user-friendly solution, as it can be operated by the hospital’s cleaning staff.
  • It reduces hospital acquired infection rates and operating costs


Proven by science

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation is a disinfection method using UV-C light to destroy bacteria’s DNA structure leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions. The microorganisms lose their reproductive capability leaving them inactive and no longer able to spread and infect.

The UVD Robot uses UV-C bulbs radiating at a wavelength of 254nm (gold standard measurement of the disinfection systems).

We have a clear understanding of the UV-C light exposure (dose) required to inactivate microoraganisms. For example:

Does this Autonomous Robot work for Covid-19 ?

Yes, please watch this video to understand how : https://bit.ly/3buTjPt

See the robot in use in different applications : https://bit.ly/2WPvxJU


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